Excel Integrates Supply Chain for Owens Corning

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) -- Exel, a leader in supply chain management, announced an enhanced contract with Owens Corning, a leader in building materials and composite systems. The three-and-a-half year agreement integrates Exel's current warehouse operations at Owens Corning's Hebron, Ohio, distribution center with new shuttle transportation from its Newark, Ohio, manufacturing plant.

Exel, which has been providing warehouse management solutions for Owens Corning for more than 15 years, will also provide on-plant spotting at the Newark plant, and flatbed tarping services. An estimated 12,000 round-trip shuttles will be made annually, transporting fiber-glass insulation to the 650,000-square-foot Hebron facility.

"Providing superior customer service is one of our values, and we needed a partner that could both lead our outside warehouse operations and bridge the transportation process between facilities to achieve supply chain efficiencies," said Mark Wiseman, warehouse and sourcing leader, Owens Corning. "Exel's experience and customer focus enables us to streamline operations into an integrated and more efficient distribution network."

Through cross-training, labor planning and flexibility, Exel has created consistent operations and procedures for Owens Corning, resulting in increased operational efficiencies and a reduced handling rate.

John Wolfe, general manager, Exel, said, "Because of our knowledge and visibility into Owens Corning's supply chain through warehouse management services, we are able to proactively deliver a transportation solution that complements Exel's warehousing services and Owens Corning's production process. The ability to provide a more efficient, integrated solution was a critical aspect of our expanded relationship."

Additional information on Owens Corning's is available at Web site www.owenscorning.com.

Exel is a leader in supply chain management, providing customer-focused solutions to a wide range of manufacturing and retail industries. More information is available at www.exel.com.

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