EZ Torque

Louisville, KY -- Ancra International LLC, the global leader in load securement innovation, unveiled a turning point in the industry with its revolutionary, new EZ Torque Winch.

The gear-drive winch, introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show, replaces the standard 34-inch winch bar with a six-inch handle, allowing truckers to swap the back-breaking chore of pumping a hefty winch bar with a smooth, simple rotational motion.

In fact, the EZ Torque Winch requires just one-third the amount of force needed to torque-tighten a winch strap. The device will achieve about 1,500 lbs. of tension on the webbing (the approximate tension needed to secure a load) with as few as a dozen rotations of its removable handle, after slack has been taken out of the straps.

"The EZ Torque Winch not only takes the work out of securing a load, it makes it possible for more drivers to be flatbed haulers, regardless of their size or strength," said Ralph Abato, director of sales and marketing for the cargo systems division of Ancra International.

The EZ Torque Winch is the latest in an annual series of major load securement innovations Ancra has brought to MATS each of the past three years. The event was the backdrop for the introduction of GlideLock, the sliding load securement bracket in 2004; SilverCap, the world's first ratcheting winch in 2005; SilverCap OverDrive, the aftermarket ratcheting cap conversion for standard winches in 2006, as well as Ancra went on to unveil two more leading winch improvements: PortaWinch and PortaAnchor.

In addition to reducing the amount of muscle needed to secure a load, the EZ Torque Winch makes the process safer by eliminating the need for a winch bar.

"We never stop working to improve load securement," said Abato.

Made of zinc-plated steel, the EZ Torque Winch passed tests so punishing, Ancra covers the device with the industry's longest warranty -- one full year.

Ancra International LLC, headquartered in Hawthorne, Calif., is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of restraint-related products. For more information about the EZ Torque Winch, Ancra International and its full line of products, please visit www.ancra.com.

EZ Torque Winch, GlideLock, PortaAnchor, PortaWinch, SilverCap and SilverCap OverDrive are all trademarked products of Ancra International LLC.

Contact: Susan Dillman, Octane VTM
Phone: 1+317-920-6105
Email: sdillman @ octanevtm.com
Web site: www.ancra.com

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