Fabricator Council Formed by Pregis

DEERFIELD, Ill.—The goals of the new Pregis Fabricator Council (PFC) are to introduce new engineered protective packaging solutions to fabricators and end users.

Twelve fabricator companies joined in the first-ever PFC meeting. Pregis general manager for engineered products, Tony Smith, heads the program. The Pregis engineered product line includes a number of foam plank products that fabricators convert for blocking/bracing/cushioning end-use applications.

In reflecting on results of the first Council meeting, Smith observed, "Several deliverables were communicated to Pregis during that meeting. One had to do with sustainability issues—specifically a desire for new, biodegradable products and a specific program for handling trim scrap in an environmentally-sound way. Another area was additional support in lead generation and sales. Many smaller companies don't have the resources to do their own marketing and oftentimes look to manufacturers for assistance."

Applications for Pregis products serve a wide range of industries, including medical diagnostic equipment, consumer electronics, automotives, recreation, furniture and vending machines, among others.

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