Fanfold Paper Products

Fanfold Paper Products

Concord Township, OH – As part of its commitment to provide customers with products that are environmentally sound, Ranpak® recently launched two new fanfold paper products consisting of 100 percent recycled paper.

“Our decision to improve our paper product options stems from our own environmental stewardship and the voice of our customers,” said Tara Foote, director of marketing, Ranpak. “It’s important for our customers to have a choice in paper stock because recycled paper offers the greatest potential for reducing landfill material while serving as an alternative that’s in line with their corporate sustainability initiatives.”

The 30 lb. paper bundles are available in both 15- and 30-inch widths, and consist of a combination of double-lined kraft, old corrugated containers, natural kraft, post consumer bag, liner board and post consumer waste. There is no virgin pulp materials used in the process of producing the paper.

In addition, the 100 percent recycled paper meets rigorous testing and qualification standards from Ranpak, so customers can be assured of the product’s quality and reliability. The paper also adheres to strict environmental procedures for recycled content and manufacturing processes.

In line with all of Ranpak’s paper products, the new fanfold paper is 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable. Ranpak’s turnkey solution of converter and paper products keeps the entire packaging life cycle in mind so time and waste are minimized and performance and recycling are emphasized.

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