FC 4500

FC 4500

New Bremen, Ohio – Four-wheel counterbalanced lift trucks are warehouse workhorses. They have to be smart and tough to operate in a wide range of applications. With that in mind, Crown Equipment Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of lift trucks, has designed the FC 4500 Series, an ideal solution to meet a variety of demands.

Crown engineered and manufactured the FC 4500 with industry-leading features designed to provide durability, increase productivity and enhance operator comfort and safety.

The FC 4500 Series performance capabilities start with the fusion of technology and innovation, what Crown calls TechnovationTM. Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control paired with the Intrinsic Stability SystemTM keeps the critical elements, such as system-controlled hydraulic speeds, travel speed control, tilt interlock, stability-enhanced counterweight and ramp speed control, in check.

“Technology has enabled us to design a communication system that encourages and complements safe and efficient operating practices,” said Crown Product Manager Andrew Smith. “The FC 4500 Series lift truck is both smart and tough.”

The durability of the FC 4500 Series, from the Crown-built AC motor to the steel frame to its smallest components, builds operator and owner confidence. For example, with its best-in-class Power Brake System, the FC 4500 Series offers more friction area over other disk brakes, which means better braking efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. The noise-free braking system requires no adjustments, takes only half the effort to operate over other drum brakes and is backed by a two-year warranty.

Operators provided valuable insight to Crown designers and engineers about the design of the four-wheel counterbalanced lift truck. The cab-forward design, sculpted steering column and unobstructed view from the mast provides the operator better visibility. On average, the FC 4500 Series operator will see 25 percent more fork area than on competitor’s trucks. It also includes an offset adjustable steering column and an easy release button that engages the parking brake. The FC 4500 Series also features more head room, shoulder clearance, knee room and a lower step height over the leading competitor.

"The FC 4500 Series is designed with the operator in mind. We also looked at making sure it meets versatility demands,” said Smith. “Crown’s four-wheel counterbalanced lift truck is equipped to safely handle attachments, ramps, odd-sized loads and work-assist accessories. It also includes an optional AC lift.”

Crown has the unusual ability to control the durability and productivity customers expect from its lift trucks because of its vertical integration philosophy. Crown designs, engineers and manufactures 85 percent of its lift truck components and offers customers superior performance at the lowest total cost of ownership with warranties to back them up.

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