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FDA Report Calls for the Adoption of RFID

Warrendale, PA – In a report issued yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) highlighted specific steps the agency is taking to keep the U.S. drug supply secure. The report cites that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)tagging "of products by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers appears to be the most promising approach to reliable product tracking and tracing" and "Most importantly, reliable RFID technology will make the copying of medications either extremely difficult or unprofitable." The agency goes on to detail a timeline that would lead to mass serialization and RFID adoption by 2007.

"AIM applauds the FDA for their leadership in utilizing technology to combat counterfeit drugs and the dangers that they represent to patient safety," said Dan Mullen, President, AIM Global. "The capabilities of RFID and other Automatic Identification technologies will deliver sweeping benefits for patients and the entire healthcare community."

According to the FDA, commercial deployment of RFID and its track and trace capabilities will be feasible by 2007. In the meantime, the FDA is working with sponsors and participants of RFID pilots to address regulatory issues.

Given the incredible demand for education on RFID and bar code technologies in the healthcare market, AIM has launched several regional conferences to provide clear guidance to the solution providers and the healthcare professional. To learn more about "The Prescription for Patient Care & Healthcare Profits: The FDA Bar Code Rule and RFID Technology" and "Tapping the Healthcare Market: The FDA Bar Code Rule & RFID Technology" visit and

For a complete copy of the FDA report, visit

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