FedEx Express Hybrid Trucks Cut Pollution 90% Deployed in Denver

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (Denver), introduced four hybrid electric medium-duty trucks into service in the Denver metropolitan area. Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.) joined FedEx to unveil the vehicles at a press conference at a FedEx Express facility in downtown Denver.

“The FedEx hybrid electric truck is an excellent example of how one company can take steps to improve our air quality while reducing dependence on foreign oil,” said Salazar.

“The introduction of these hybrid vehicles in Denver is another milestone in our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship,” said John Formisano, vice president of Global Vehicles, FedEx Express. “FedEx thanks Sen. Salazar for his leadership, and we are hopeful that his efforts will help spur manufacturing in the hybrid sector to bring down costs and allow FedEx to introduce more of these outstanding vehicles in cities across Colorado and the country.”

The FedEx Express hybrid, developed in cooperation with Environmental Defense and Eaton Corp., will deliver cleaner and healthier air and reduce climate change impacts.

The new vehicle:

  • Decreases soot by 96 percent and smog causing emissions by 65 percent
  • Travels 57 percent farther on a gallon of fuel, reducing fuel costs by over a third
  • Operates and performs like a conventional FedEx Express medium duty vehicle

The introduction of the FedEx Express hybrid vehicles is part of an innovative alliance that began in 2000 between FedEx and Environmental Defense to create the next generation of cleaner, more fuel-efficient delivery trucks. FedEx became the first company to begin converting its medium duty truck fleet to hybrid vehicles for commercial use.

Including Denver, FedEx operates a total 93 hybrid vehicles in cities such as New York, Tampa, Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

Source: FedEx Express

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