FedEx Launches Commercial Hybrid-Electric Vans in Europe

BRUSSELS, Belgium--FedEx has announced plans to introduce 10 hybrid-electric/diesel vehicles to its European fleet, bringing the worldwide total of hybrid vehicles in revenue service at FedEx to more than 100 in North America, Asia and now, Europe.

The vans, manufactured by Iveco, will initially be evaluated close to the manufacturer’s site in Turin, Italy, and will be the first hybrid-electric/diesel vehicles operated by FedEx in Europe. FedEx currently operates hybrid vehicles in the U.S., Canada and Japan.

The van and the hardware that enables the vehicle to operate on both electric and diesel systems will be unveiled at the European Road Transport Show in Amsterdam, Oct. 24 through Nov. 3.

Over the last two years, Iveco and FedEx have joined efforts to develop a new Diesel-electric hybrid vehicle. The Daily Hybrid, showing for the first time at the European Road Transport Show, provides the autonomy and fuel efficiency of a Diesel vehicle with zero-emission levels of the electric engine.

In 2004, FedEx Express introduced the FedEx OptiFleet E700, an environmentally-superior delivery truck, into its delivery fleet. FedEx now has 95 hybrid-electric vehicles in service worldwide that have traveled more than one million miles.

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