Finland Post Installs Camera-Based Sorter

The Finland Post parcel-sorting center in Helinksi recently installed an AV40002.0 camera-based sortation system from Accu-Sort Systems (Telford, Pa., The automated sortation system, according to Accu-Sort, is the first high-speed parcel sortation application capable of sending full-resolution images, including embedded tracking data, across an Ethernet network.
Multi-side camera tunnels over an FKI tilt tray system capture parcel dimensions, barcode data, and images for an OCR and video coding system supplied by Prime Vision, Accu-Sort states.

“In what we believe to be a world first, we have extended all the benefits of OCR and video coding to packages that are manually processed on the shop floor in addition to those on the automated sorters,” says Maik Fuchs, product manager at Accu-Sort.

Previously, the Finland Post used a manual process, in which every label was read and manually keyed into the system.

“The installation helped Finland Post increase throughput and accuracy while it decreased costs,” claims Fuchs. “Because packages never leave the system, the installation has eliminated almost all manual package handling.”

Finland Post also installed Accu-Sort’s AccuVision HandsFree CCD camera to read labels on roller cages, pallets, and non-conveyable items coming into the facility. The camera reads carbon-copy labels, with handwriting, up to size A5, according to Accu-Sort.

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