Five Reasons to Attend NA 2008

• Discover the manufacturing and supply chain solutions of 500 material handling & logistics providers.

• See and operate the best and newest manufacturing, distribution and IT solutions and evaluate for yourself the ones you need to make your supply chain work more productively and profitably.

• Get the inside view on how to successfully implement sustainable, green solutions into your manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations while at the same time driving new revenues, enhancing brandvalue, cutting costs, and reducing risk.

• Gain insights from others in your industry on how to streamline your operations, increase productivity, reduce risk, cut costs and improve sustainability.

• Benefit from the expertise and experience of industry leaders in more than 70 education sessions addressing best practices, new equipment developments, and leading trends.

NA 2008 is the largest event of its kind in 2008 and your one-stop destination for material handling and logistics solutions. By attending NA 2008 in Cleveland this April 21-24, you can attend one event and see the newest manufacturing and supply chain innovations in person, in action and learn how these solutions work together to increase productivity and cut costs. Register by April 4 to receive your badge in the mail before the show. Visit

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