Fix Sagging, Seizing Conveyors

Fix Sagging, Seizing Conveyors

The EVOReturn Roller is a track-mounted, pivoting, return-side idler that allows service and replacement from one side of the conveyor. The track-mounted assembly utilizes 1-pin quick change functionality to make service fast and easy. As a result, the roll can be replaced by one person in less time, reducing the risk of injuries.

The return roller also features an integrated fine adjustment to completely square the belt. The roll itself is 1-piece, and the assembly includes a 3-piece adjustable hanger bracket and swivel/pivot component, which allows the roll to be swung away from its support prior to removing the entire assembly.

Return rollers can be used anywhere there is belt sag on the return side of the conveyor, or in situations where there are seizing issues that require frequent roll replacement. They are well suited to high-angle conveyors with difficult access and confined-space applications. Fitting any belt size 24 in. – 72 in. wide, the 3-piece hanger frame adjusts to accommodate the different belt widths. The universal bracket fits most major idler manufacturers’ designs, and the return roller conforms to the CEMA rating for idler belt speeds.

Martin Engineering

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