FKI Logistex Sees Improvement In Clean Room Market

FKI Logistex has surpassed 70 installations of its White Systems clean room vertical carousels for the semiconductor manufacturing market. The increased level of interest may indicate a rebound in the clean room market, as echoed by reports from World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Inc., which predict 28.4 percent growth in 2004 and 8.5 percent growth in 2005.

In semiconductor manufacturing, clean rooms are used for the processing of semiconductor wafers. Dust and particles, which may contaminate the wafers during processing, are kept out of the clean room by maintaining a controlled environment that meets international standards.

White Systems clean room vertical carousels are designed for the storage and retrieval of reticles, 300mm wafers and 200mm wafers in industry-standard storage containers such as SMIFs, FOSBs and FOUPs. The carousels achieve particle control through laminar flow of filtered air through HEPA or ULPA filters. Designed to meet international standards class 1 (M1.5) and up, White's clean room vertical carousels can maintain cleanliness of one .5 µm particle per cubic foot of air.

These vertical carousels increase material storage density and retrieval efficiency by storing materials in unused overhead and underfloor space. The carousel consists of a set of horizontal pans that travel in a vertical closed-loop track inside a metal enclosure.

Systems are scalable for primary or buffer storage to provide greater layout flexibility, improved productivity and reduced cycle times. White's carousels can be installed anywhere in a FAB, and have a manual backup system to retrieve product in the event of emergency.

FKI Logistex is home to recognized brands, including Alvey palletizers, Buschman conveyors, Cleco cranes and AS/RS solutions, Crisplant sorters and baggage handling applications, IoSystems supervisory and automated control systems, Mathews conveyors, Real Time Solutions order fulfillment and picking solutions, and White carousels and automated storage solutions. For more information, visit

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