Flex Dual Series

Collierville, Tenn. - Orion Packaging Systems introduced today its new dual turntable stretch wrappers, the Flex HPD Dual (High Profile Deluxe) and Flex LPD Dual (Low Profile Deluxe). The efficient Flex Dual Series increases production of unitized, secure pallet loads by allowing a single operator to simultaneously wrap a load while staging or removing a second one. Customers can increase throughput of completed pallet loads up to 50%.

The new Flex models deliver enhanced performance and efficiency, as well as the durability and reliability that have long been the hallmark of Orion machines. Both models feature a 5,000 lb. load capacity on all turntables and a structural steel base for years of reliable service handling heavy loads in challenging environments. Both models boast 260% film delivery and electronic tension control to provide superior efficiency, strength, and value per load. For enhanced ease-of-use, Orion Flex models provide powerful PLC controllers with a digital human machine interface, low maintenance AC motors, “drop lock” safety system, height sensing photo eyes for accurate unitizing, easy forklift portability, and “drop in” film loading. Orion supports its industry leading prestretch system with a lifetime warranty on its prestretch rollers and a three-year warranty on the entire machine.

For more information, contact Orion Packaging Systems at 800-333-6556 or on the web at www.orionpackaging.com.

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