Flex Flow Rack

NEWMARKET, Ontario — Eliminating inefficient organization, waste and superfluous production steps, Interroll’s Flex Flow Rack can increase productivity and improve lean manufacturing. The versatile Flex Flow Rack is comprised of only three components: tube, connector and supporting element. The simplistic, flexible design can be constructed to meet virtually any operational task. In addition, the application-based design enables the rack system to be easily adapted and reconfigured to adjust to changing logistical processes.

“The Flex Flow Rack is easily and quickly installed without the need to consult complicated instruction manuals,” said Richard Kooistra, Sales Manager, Interroll Dynamic Storage. “To keep pace with the demands of rapid product cycles, an assembled Flex Flow Rack system can be quickly retooled to meet new operation requirements.

Interroll’s Flex Flow Rack system can increase productivity by as much as 25%, reduce work-in-progress by up to 75%, and decrease production floor space by up to 40% in warehouse stocking applications.

For More Information Contact:
Richard Kooistra
905 727-3399
[email protected]

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