Flexible Tilt-Tray Sorter

Flexible Tilt-Tray Sorter

W&H Systems’ RSU Tray Sorter is a high-speed, tilted-tray sorting unit that gives retailers, wholesalers and distributors a method of sorting a wide range of products. The flexible nature of the RSU enables unique system configurations that match specific application needs, while the simple design allows for a low up-front investment and minimal annual maintenance costs. The system is designed to quickly and gently deliver merchandise to shipping cartons or pack-out stations. Tilted carrying trays travel on an enclosed track conveyor. Items are inducted onto the trays either manually or automatically, then conveyed to their destination. The standard model has a maximum speed of 120 ft/min and is capable of handling up to 5,320 trays per hour per induction area. The high speed model can process up to 8,640 trays per hour.

W&H Systems, Inc.

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