Flow Rack for Tote Transfer

Flow Rack for Tote Transfer

Creform Corporation created a mobile flow rack design that enables individuals to handle heavy totes and allows the totes to be easily moved from conveyors to work areas. The flow rack’s two-level design includes a self-contained hydraulic and ergo-positioning system that raises and lowers the upper flow lane. The rack is moved into position at the conveyor that contains the totes. Then a single hand crank raises or lowers the upper flow lane to match the height of the feeding conveyor.

After the tote(s) are loaded, the mobile flow rack is transported to a work cell, the flow lane is either raised or lowered to the height of the receiving point, and the tote(s) are easily rolled off. The bottom lane is a fixed height and only used for transporting empty totes. All lanes feature retainer pipes on each side for safety and ergonomics.

This flow rack design is suited for manufacturing and warehouse kitting operations.


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