FMC Technologies Deploys Fuel-Cell Charger on AGV

CHALFONT, Pa.—FMC Technologies announced it has successfully implemented an onboard methanol-based fuel-cell battery charging system on an automated guided vehicle (AGV).

The charging system, called OorjaPac, charges the AGV’s battery while the vehicle is in operation and while parked. The system was developed by Oorja Protonics.

So far, operating results have shown that five gallons of methanol can power the AGV for 24 hours before refueling is needed. It takes less than three minutes to fill the tank, says FMC.

FMC is currently installing a 12-vehicle AGV system powered by hydrogen-based fuel cells.

“OorjaPac makes the AGV a fully autonomous vehicle in the true sense and offers complete grid independence,” says Sanjiv Malhotra, CEO of Oorja Protonics.

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