Foldable Stainless Steel Floor Crane

Foldable Stainless Steel Floor Crane

The David Round Company’s Ruger Industries Division offers foldable stainless steel floor cranes. The portable cranes retract into a compact size when not in use, to save space in storage. Floor cranes are narrow enough to pass through standard door openings, narrow aisles and elevators, and can be maneuvered in areas off-limits to other lifting equipment.

Made of 100% stainless steel with no painted surfaces, these cranes are appropriate for electronics manufacturing, food processing and other clean room applications.

These cranes are available with lifting capacities of 1,000 lbs and feature structural tubing 1/4" to 1/2" thick, large casters and totally welded fabrication.

The Ruger Industries Division of The David Round Company

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