Food Industry Case and Crate Picking

Food Industry Case and Crate Picking

RMT Robotics introduces new case and crate picking solutions to reduce the footprint of standard pick modules, pick in exact customer sequences, and provide complete traceability of products. The robotic gantry-based solutions also have limitless layout options, can operate in chill stores to – 20°C, and can handle a large variety of dairy products, including milk, cream, yogurts, and cheese.

These systems are designed to address current distribution dilemmas including SKU proliferation, labor constraints and traceability. The systems are designed to pick individual or multiple cases out of active storage. As soon as the system receives orders and products, it begins the pre-picking process. When the required products for a certain order are ready, the system can complete it quickly. Using an advanced automated controls system, cases or crates will be delivered in the desired pallet-build sequence for automated mixed palletizing at the dock.

RMT Robotics

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