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Ford Joins Suppliers Partnership

Dearborn--Ford Motor has joined the Suppliers Partnershipfor the Environment (SP), a partnership between automobile original equipmentmanufacturers and their suppliers and the Environmental Protection Agency.

SP addresses the goals of the membership by creating newbusiness-centered approaches to environmental protection that improve theenvironment while providing value throughout the automobile supply chain.

Andy Hobbs, director of environmental quality office atFord Motor, said, "Ford Motor Company is pleased to be part of SP. Webelieve that our membership in SP is another indication of Ford Motor Company'scontinued leadership in global environmental and sustainability activities thatimprove the environment while providing increased economic opportunities forthe automobile supply chain."

Randy Leslie, vice president and general manager ofJohnson Controls and SP's chairman, said: "We are very pleased to announcethat Ford Motor Company has joined SP. SP continues to grow by providingeconomic and environmental value to all levels of the automobile supply chain.One of the exciting things about this announcement for SP is that Ford MotorCompany now joins Chrysler and General Motors in providing their leadership to SP."

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