Fork Over the Cash

Fork Over the Cash

CLEVELAND-As singer Woody Guthrie noted, more people have been robbed with a fountain pen than a gun. Well, now thieves are adding a new weapon to their arsenals-the lift truck. This heist also required two stolen pickup trucks as an assist.

According to Cleveland police and the FBI, thieves used the pickup trucks to batter the bucks out of a bank-in-a-box on Cleveland's east side. The brick and steel ATM was heavily damaged. Surveillance cameras caught the action of the pickups whacking the machine located in a shopping plaza just after 3 a.m. May 30. The lift truck then moved into place, lifted the ATM and drove it about a block down the street.

Police and FBI agents, baffled by a lack of witnesses, followed a trail of debris from the ATM, pickup trucks and the lift truck about a block from the scene of the crime. It's estimated the crime netted the robbers about $27,000.

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