Fork Tip Indicators

NEW BREMEN, Ohio – Crown Equipment Corporation announces the addition of fork tip indicators as a standard feature to its lift trucks. The indicators allow operators to confidently position the forks as efficiently as possible.

Standard type forks, manufactured by Crown, feature three diagonal orange bars recessed at the end of each fork on both the top and bottom (top only on Stockpickers). All new Crown pallet trucks have a single, recessed orange triangle at the tapered end of the fork. Crown’s recessed design effectively maintains indicator visibility and requires only occasional paint touch ups. Most competitors paint the entire fork surface a bright, solid color. The paint typically wears off after a short period of use. Crown’s attention to detail and focus on productivity allows their lift trucks to deliver the lowest cost of ownership.

“For many fork lift operators, being able to see the exact position of their fork tips can be difficult,” said Director of Marketing and Product Management Matt Logan. “To compensate, some operators slow down and creep the forks to position them properly – sacrificing throughput. Others use trial and error, which can result in damage to product, pallets or racks."

With Crown’s industry-exclusive fork tip indicators, operators positioning loads at heights can easily see the fork tips at a glance while entering or exiting a pallet. In addition, pallet truck operators can quickly position forks in or out of pallets. With better visibility, operators can work faster with more confidence and efficiency. It also contributes to more careful handling, resulting in fewer incidents of fork tip-related damage in the warehouse.

About Crown
Crown is the number one brand of electric lift trucks in the United States and the sixth largest lift truck manufacturer in the world. Crown’s award-winning line of lift trucks has earned a reputation for exceptional product design, engineering and manufacturing. From the smallest hand pallet truck to the highest lifting turret truck, Crown seeks to provide users with safe, efficient and ergonomic lift trucks that lower total cost of ownership and maximize uptime. Headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio, Crown lift trucks are manufactured and sold throughout the world.

Dave Helmstetter
Crown Equipment Corporation
(419) 629-2311
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