Fork-Tip Lasers

GREENE, N.Y. — New fork-tip lasers from The Raymond Corporation assist Reach-Fork® truck operators in accurately placing forks when storing and retrieving pallets in racks. Lasers are available for both new and existing Raymond® Reach-Fork trucks.

“When the lift truck forks are raised above 12 feet, a laser line displays on the pallet to show operators the fork position, helping lift truck operators more easily and quickly engage pallets,” says Susan Comfort, Class II product manager for Raymond Corporation. “This solution is ideal for applications with tall racks, warehouses without optimum lighting, and freezer applications, and to aid newer lift truck operators.”

The fork-tip laser is available in green (for heights up to 442 inches) and red (for heights up to 300 inches). The green laser is ideal for applications that use blue-painted pallets, brighter environments or other applications where a red laser may not be clearly visible. Both fork-tip lasers are powered by the lift truck’s battery, eliminating downtime for operators to change a separate laser battery.

For more information on fork-tip lasers and other lift truck accessories from Raymond or to locate a Raymond Sales and Service Center, visit or call (800) 235-7200.

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