Forklift Inspection App

Forklift Inspection App

Select Equipment’s Forklift Safety Pro is a daily inspection mobile application for Apple’s iOS platform including iPhone, iPod, iPad. A version for Google’s Android operating system will be launched shortly. Forklift Safety Pro allows lift truck operators to complete their daily or pre-shift safety inspections electronically, using their Apple mobile device. The completed inspection reports are then wirelessly transmitted to any email address, typically a supervisor or dedicated inspection form repository.

Inspection reports are date/time stamped and can be archived in a paperless format. Other features of the app include a daily safety question, a counter which lets the operator know how many days are left before he or she is required to be “re-certified,” and if needed, an OSHA incident report form, a service request form, and an unsafe vehicle reporting form. The App is sold on Apple’s iTunes and App Store for $4.99.

Select Equipment Sales, Inc.

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