Forklift Scales

HOUSTON--Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks and METTLER TOLEDO(R) introduce the first integral, wireless forklift scale in the industry. Direct from the factory and integrated into the carriage, this legal-for-trade communication scale offers the most advanced wireless technology available and allows operators to weigh materials during the loading process.

The scale, which arrives installed and calibrated, is unlike most other forklift scales that require installation and calibration once delivered. Also different is the fact that it features radio frequency (RF) technology. Going wireless and removing cables from the equation helps minimize downtime. The compact, easy-to-use terminal features a Microsoft Windows(R)-based, touch screen with one-push button functionality. This makes for an interface that is as easy to use as a cell phone.

Although material handling can be tough on precision scale components, this wireless by design scale enables a high range of
cycle applications without routine adjustments. A 60,000 lb rated Flexure system enhances durability. The most consistent forklift scale on the market is fully backed by Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks and your local Mitsubishi forklift truck dealer. Both accurate and repeatable, it allows operators to weigh materials from five to 5,000 lbs during the loading process.

Operators can check skid weights quickly, comparing actual shipment weights supplied by customers. When you know what's happening on the shipping floor, invoices can be adjusted accordingly, helping pay back your investment. Another way you save is by skipping expensive field maintenance. This product is not only easy to service in the field, but also offers the flexibility to download data (via Ethernet, serial, USB or PCMCIA expansion slot) and upgrade software with ease.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks provides a full line of forklift trucks with complete sales and product support from more than 200 dealer locations throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. Reliability is built into every Mitsubishi forklift truck that rolls off the assembly line at our manufacturing and distribution headquarters in Houston, Texas.

For more information, contact your local Mitsubishi forklift truck dealer at 1-888-MIT-LIFT or visit our web site at Mitsubishi forklift trucks are Ready. Reliable. Right on the Money.

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