Four New Companies Join Reusable Packaging Association

WASHINGTON D.C.--The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) is adding four new companies to its growing membership. The Fabri-Form Company, Chevron, Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS), and Xterprise Technology have joined the RPA to help promote reusable packaging and to gain the benefits of membership, including increased business opportunities and access to research, data, and other tools that will help them build the business and environmental case for their products.
“These four new members are an important and expanded representation from the reusable packaging supply chain,” says Fred Heptinstall, RPA president, and President of IFCO RPC Management Services. “We welcome them to the RPA, and we anticipate an even broader and larger membership base since the RPA has broadened its focus to the value and expansion of reusable packaging systems, rather than on specific products.”

RPA members gain access to case studies, economic calculators, surveys, technical briefs, webinars, podcasts, and other proprietary materials. Members have high-level input into the creation of industry standards and guidelines that will affect the entire user community. End-users also have the opportunity to join the RPA End User Advisory Council, for a nominal annual fee, to network with other end-users, learn best practices, and gain referrals. As an association, the RPA aggressively educates the marketplace about the economic and environmental advantages of reusable packaging.

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