Freezer-Capable Live Storage

Freezer-Capable Live Storage

Kornylak’s Palletflo live storage systems are available with freezer wheels that exhibit excellent energy absorption for controlled speed operation over the entire temperature range of food freezer operations.

The system can handle palletized loads up to 4,000 lbs. Even damaged pallets with cupped, warped, split, broken or missing boards can be conveyed. High loads and double stacked pallets move with minimum sway because speed control is built into each of the closely spaced wheels, resulting in smooth movement.

A test in a -10°F freezer showed a constant controlled speed of 11 ft/min + 1 ft/min. The load was 2,500 lbs. on a standard hardwood grocery pallet with bottom boards crosswise.

Both heavy and light loads can be controlled and intermixed in any lane of a live storage rack.

Freezer Wheel needs no slave or captive pallets, thus eliminating double handling. It operates with a broad range of standard wood, metal and plastic pallets, skids, slave, captive and special pallets for intermixed handling in shipping and receiving departments.

Kornylak Corp.

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