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FreightLogic TMS includes shipment alert module

Pinnacle Distribution Concepts Inc. has added a shipment alerting and notification module that reports problems and process interruptions before they happen to its FreightLogic web-based transportation management system. The new module features proactive monitoring, giving the users the ability to identify potential shipment problems or interruptions in advance of occurrence. System users can then make the necessary adjustments and corrections, thus avoiding major disruptions to shipment deliveries.

FreightLogic provides a flexible web interface allowing users to track one or many shipments and communicate specific events to one or more users. Events include alerts when something happens and/or when something doesn't happen. For example, FreightLogic can alert users when a must-go order is received, when a shipment is picked up from a distribution facility, when a delivery appointment is made, when a carrier exception is noted, when a shipment is delivered and when any carrier shipment status is updated.

The alert and notification module allows users to create alerts for single shipments, for all shipments to a particular customer, for all shipments via a particular carrier or for all shipments processed by FreightLogic. Notifications can be received via email, fax or text messaging to any capable wireless device.

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