Fuel-efficient and Dependable Lift Trucks

The new S30-40FTS Fortis line of lift trucks has a multi-tiered engine-transmission configuration that improves fuel efficiency. The new drive axle, transmission, and a redesigned hydraulic system, increase the trucks’ dependability.

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Fortis Lift Trucks Have Advanced Productivity and Ergonomics

Hyster Company introduces the new S30-40FTS Fortis line of lift trucks. With capacities of 3,000 – 4,000 lbs. (1,360 – 1,814 kg), this new lift truck offers low cost of operations, superior dependability, productivity, and ergonomics. Reduced cost of operations directly results from matching the right engine with the proper transmission for specific application needs. Multi-tiered engine-transmission configurations create efficient powertrains, offering excellent fuel efficiencies and productivity.

The increased dependability of the S30-40FTS Fortis line of lift trucks comes in part from many different systems on the unit, from the new drive axle and transmission, to the redesigned hydraulic system with superior filtration. The electrical systems have also been upgraded for improved reliability. The use of solid-state magnetic Hall Effect sensors, designed for the rigorous standards of the aerospace industry are magnetically operated, have no mechanical connection and are fully sealed from the environment, while IP66 sealed wiring connectors used throughout the truck keep water and other contaminants from entering the system.

Several optional features for the S30-40FTS Fortis line of lift trucks provide even higher productivity levels. Electro-hydraulic controls are integrated into the seat armrest to reduce driver fatigue, increase driver comfort, and enhance their ability to operate the lifting functions efficiently. The user may choose the optional joystick or minilever fingertip hydraulic controls.

Superior ergonomic features, including a lowered step height for easier access and more operator floor space for improved driver comfort, create a more productive work environment. Other advances include a smaller steering wheel with standard steer knob and improved seat design for enhanced comfort while driving in reverse.
The S30-40FTS Fortis line lift trucks reduce service time requirements by up to 12% with an electronic monitoring and in-dash warning system that reduces daily service task requirements. Engine components are easier to access due to a one-piece hood and lift-out floor plates that do not require tools for removal, and a cleaner, more accessible under-hood layout of wire and hydraulic hose routings.

For more information, phone 1-800-HYSTER-1, fax 252-931-7877 or visit www.hysterusa.com/fortis

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