Fuji-Ace Series

Indianapolis, IN - Fuji-Ace Series of palletizers are an efficient, high-speed alternative to standard high-level and low-level palletizers. Developed to meet the varying capacity requirements of today’s production lines, the versatile Fuji-Ace Series can palletize different sizes and weights of bags, boxes, cans and drums at speeds of up to 1600 cycles per hour.

The Fuji-Ace Series is offered in many different models to fit a wide variety of needs. The WA-61, WA-71, AC-91, AC-131 and AC-161 achieve cycle rates of 600C/hr, 700C/hr, 900C/hr, 1300C/hr and 1600C/hr respectively. Unlike a standard palletizer, the Fuji Ace robotic palletizer can handle different size boxes or bags simultaneously using an optional “B” axis for automatic adjustment of handgrip width. Additionally, all Fuji Ace robots come equipped with four axes to assure maximum flexibility. The maximum payload of the Fuji Ace series ranges from 220 lbs. to 441lbs. (minus hand weight).

Through touch-screen programming, the Fuji-Ace can perform pre-specified patterns with the touch of a button. The palletizer can store up to 30 different programs that are accessible in seconds. The touch-screen system consists of a capacity graph screen to monitor system throughput, a diagnostic log screen to monitor downtime, and a maintenance screen to help resolve operating difficulties. In addition, the compact Fuji-Ace requires approximately half the floor space of standard palletizers and can easily be incorporated into existing systems. Simple to maintain and operate, the Fuji-Ace offers a long service life with limited standard maintenance.

For more information contact American-Newlong, 5310 South Harding Street, Indianapolis, IN 46217. Phone 317-787-9421. FAX 317-786-5225. Web site: www.american-newlong.com. E-mail: [email protected].

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