Fuji Xerox Australia Selects HighJump Software to Manage Growth

Fuji Xerox Australia (Sydney) has selected the HighJump Supply Chain Advantage suite to optimize its nationwide distribution operations. Fuji Xerox, one of the largest provider of printers, multifunction devices, document management software and consumable supplies in Australia, will implement the HighJump (Eden Prairie, Minn.) Warehouse Advantage software in seven sites across the country.

Faced with increasing sales and volumes, Fuji Xerox plans to use its HighJump software to manage growth by simplifying labor-intensive processes, improving order fulfillment, and obtaining visibility throughout its supply chain.

HighJump Warehouse Advantage will track parts and finished devices using serial numbers from the point a production order is issued through production, storage and delivery. This serialization will play a key role in the company’s quality assurance efforts. Fuji Xerox will also use HighJump software’s delivery and event management functionality to help ensure supply chain visibility extends to its drivers and technicians in the field.

“Fuji Xerox Australia is a leader in the Australian office equipment market. To stay ahead of the game and maintain our growth, we need a sharper, smarter supply chain,” says Ian Raeburn, national supply manager, Fuji Xerox Australia. “We have a complex supply chain, and HighJump Software provided an impressive set of options to improve our business.”

Source: HighJump Software, a 3M Company

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