Galvanized Walkies for Corrosive Environments

Galvanized Walkies for Corrosive Environments

Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A. offers a galvanized chassis option for its 8-Series AC electric walkie pallet truck (6,000 pound capacity), 8-Series end-control walkie rider (6,000-8,000 pound capacity) and 7-Series electric walkie pallet truck (4,500 pound capacity). This option protects the vehicles while operating in salty, high-moisture and corrosive environments where resistance to rust is vital. These are characteristics of cold storage facilities, chemical and salt and brine industries, and areas where frequent wash down is required to remove contaminants. To extend the life of the pallet truck, features include heavy duty Teflon coated Polylube bushings that require no lubrication and add strength and stability along with a motor controller splashguard that helps deflect debris and moisture from entering the traction motor controller area.

Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc.

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