GAO 137004

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. now supplies a new active UHF Tag (GAO 137004). This high-performance and power-efficient active RFID tag has an expandable memory of 8,000 bytes, an optional LED, and an optional sensor for monitoring temperature. It enables users to collect highly accurate, real-time data for identification, tracking and tracing, and localization.

This RFID tag conveys data via progressive UHF radio frequency technology at a distance of up to 100 feet from a handheld device or up to 300 feet from a fixed interrogator, as well, the UHF operating frequencies allow low-power and long-range communication. Its outstanding anti-collision multi-tag-handling algorithm provides accurate communication to a large number of tags tracking of assets or people.

GAO's active UHF Tag (GAO 137004) provides the following features:

o It has a read/write range of 100 meters.

o The expandable memory of 8,000-byte (Option: 32,000) is easy to store users' and process' information and can be used as an electronic packing slip or an electronic shop traveler.

o It allows low-power, long-range communication and high-rate data transmission with minimal interference in different conditions.

o It provides reliable identification of fast moving-objects and large numbers of tags can be identified simultaneously.

o It measures and logs the temperature of goods in definable intervals.

o Non-line-of-sight data transmission offers great convenience.

For more information on the product, please contact [email protected], or visit

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