Spring Lake, Michigan - Ermanco has introduced a reliable, economical solution for gapping products in systems with moderate throughput. When GAPmaster is incorporated into the discharge bed of an Ermanco NBA-23® narrow belt accumulation conveyor, the technology is driven by the same belt that drives the NBA-23 rollers. This eliminates the need for an additional motor, clutch brake, wiring, controls, or associated maintenance, providing significant cost savings.

GAPmaster, which receives products end-to-end and gaps them individually, features a belt-to-belt 2:1 speed increase that provides a reliable gap allowing easy identification of each product. GAPmaster is capable of handling products ranging from 1 to 95 pounds in weight and 9 to 30 inches in length. Precision starting and stopping allows the gap to perfectly match operational requirements downstream or meter products individually into a vertical conveyor, scale, transfer, sawtooth merge, sortation system, or even a pick zone module. Since there are no chains or sprockets, noise and maintenance are kept to a minimum.

Ermanco accumulation technologies encompass XenoPRESSURE and XenoROL® line-shaft-driven live roller conveyors, NBA™-23 narrow-belt-driven live roller conveyor, IntelliROL® motorized-roller conveyor, and CRUZcontrol™ accumulation logic package. Our proven sortation systems include technologies such as urethane belt transfers (UBTs); ERS® right angle sorters; multi-stage air-operated pushers; ESA 60® swing arm diverters; NBS®30, NBS®90 and NBS®90-SP narrow belt sorters; and XcelSORT® sliding shoe sorters. Command Systems Software®, Ermanco’s powerful suite of control routines, ensures successful integration of all automation technologies. Additional technologies are RLC™-25 belt-driven live roller conveyor, CRUZ™belt conveyor and application-specific equipment. Regional sales office and authorized business partners located throughout the United States and Canada. Licensees and business partners in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

ERMANCO • 6870 Grand Haven Road • Spring Lake, MI 49456-9652 • 231-798-4547 • Fax 231-798-8322

Contact: Gordon Hellberg
Vice President
[email protected]

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