Tapeswitch Corporation is pleased to announce their new and improved Power Supply. The new GDC1 Power Supply has a smaller, more compact design that allows for multiple din rail mounting options.

The GDC1 is a compact switching mode power supply and is specifically intended for use with the B-Series light curtain and controller interface units. It provides a regulated 24 Vdc supply to the safety equipment (i.e. safety relay and light curtain) from a wide range of AC input voltages.

“Customers continually look to us for technical expertise and product knowledge”, reports John Berruti, Electronic Product Manager for Tapeswitch. “This is only a sign of things to come in the extensive line of products Tapeswitch has to offer its customers.”

For more information on the new GDC1 Power Supply, please contact Tapeswitch Corporation at 631-630-0442 or visit their website at

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