Geometrically-Shaped Paperboard Containers

Geometrically-Shaped Paperboard Containers

Laminations’ FlatCrate is a multi-panel engineered paperboard product that can be folded into a u-shaped crate or self-contained shipping container in a variety of geometric shapes for product protection.

FlatCrate also ships flat, saving space and money during transport and storage, and is 100% recyclable. Its five panel sides have a layered paper construction that adds strength and creates channeled hinges with voids that enable precision folding and wrapping. The flat, recyclable substrate can be die cut, glued, perforated and custom printed to meet unique application needs.

FlatCrate is manufactured in widths of 4 to 33 inches and lengths of 12 to 300 inches, with custom sizing also available. The panel width minimum is 3/4 inch with options for full or partial panel overlap. Standard caliper options range from .060 to .200 inches. Finish choices include white clay coat, kraft liners, poly or ScuffShield.


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