German Pallet Maker Enters U.S. Market

One of Europe’s larger plastic pallet manufacturers has announced plans to offer its products in North America beginning this fall.

Craemer, which was the first company to produce a plastic pallet molded in one shot, is establishing North American operations via an alliance with Granville Composite Products Corporation (Montreal, Canada), one of the continent’s major producers of plastic and composite-molded products.

Granville will serve as the exclusive distributor of Craemer’s products, which include some of the logistics industry’s first pallets equipped with RFID transponders. The two companies will present their new pallet program at the Pack Expo Show in Chicago, October 29.

“After nearly a century of success in Europe, we see a huge market potential for our company in the United States and Canada—especially with the final phase of the USDA’s wood packaging material regulation now in effect,” said Craemer’s Export Area Manager Alexander Korell. “The time is right for many North American companies to consider using plastic pallets, and we feel confident that our partnership with Granville will enable us be an immediate and legitimate contender for their business.”

Source: Craemer

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