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Get Drivers Off the Phone

Get Drivers Off the Phone

Orion Innovations introduces Signal-Safe, a wireless system to discourage truck driver cell phone use. The system operates with all cell phones in any vehicle type, continually monitoring usage and logging a data report for cell phone use at the driver station. It also eliminates “false positives” (the logging of false events caused by the presence of signals that are not generated by a driver cell phone).

When the signal detection device detects a cellular signal from the driver's station during mobile operation, a user-friendly data report is generated and logged to the “black box” memory for transfer to any computer via USB flash drive, or can be paired with an onboard vehicle telematics platform for generation of real-time reports. The system can also be configured in over-the-road haulers to continually monitor hands-free cellular use. Additional options include onboard audio and visual warnings, as well as the recorded announcement of driver cell phone use.

Benefits include reduced liability relating to property and casualty losses, reduction of at-fault collisions, lower worker’s compensation costs and data reports that warrant insurance premium reductions.

Orion Innovations

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