Get a Free RFID Tag Pricing Guide

ASHBURN, VA—Calling it the first independent source for standard tag pricing, ODIN technologies is offering its Tag Pricing Guide as a free download for end users.

The Guide includes standard pricing for UHF and HF tags and offers an explanation of key tag features that drive costs. It is designed to complement ODIN’s RFID Benchmark Series that presents industry standards for head-to-head, scientific RFID equipment and component performance. This offering is the first in a series of tag pricing guides that will track pricing trends over time.

Sections included are: Setting the Record Straight—What tags cost?; Myths about passive RFID Tag Pricing; The Impact of Tag Silicon; The Impact of Tag Dimensions; The Role of Frequency; Key Tag Features; Pricing Guide May 2009; and Recent Industry Updates.

“We’ve seen end-users put an entire project in jeopardy because they don’t do a little bit of tag research. It is essential that you establish an apples-to-apples comparison when considering the price of tags,’ claims Harold Goldzung who leads sourcing at ODIN technologies. “Most end users haven’t considered the variables that make up a converted tag cost. Many vendors will just present their lowest price and generic data sheets that do not educate users about how to best meet specific requirements. The RFID Tag Pricing Guide provides insight into current tag pricing and the key tag features that drive cost,” he continues.

To download a free copy of the Guide, go to

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