Get Guidance for Developing RFID Data Security

WARRENDALE, Pa.-A new technical report that looks at systemic solutions that prevent unauthorized or inadvertent access to data on an RFID tag and in an RFID system was born with guidance from the AIM Global RFID Groups’ guidelines on data access security.

The publication, “ISO/IEC TR24729-4, Information technology—Radio frequency identification for item management—Implementation guidelines—Part 4: Tag data security by the International Organization of Standards (ISO),” is intended to provide guidance to users and systems designers on potential threats to data security and countermeasures available to provide RFID data security.

AIM explains that because there are any number of variables that may play a part in RFID data security, “the technical report does not provide specific recommendations but, rather, offers sufficient guidance to enable users or developers to assess potential risks and determine appropriate techniques to mitigate the risks they may see in their own application.”

AIM Global is an authority on automatic identification, data collection and networking in mobile environments. It actively supports the development of AIDC standards through its Technical Symbology Committee, North American and Global Standards Advisory Groups and RFID Experts Group as well as through participation at the industry, national (ANSI) and international (ISO) levels.

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