Getting by With Help from Your Friends

William Frick and Company (Libertyville, Ill.) is assisting construction crews in rebuilding areas affected by Hurricane Katrina with much needed warning, danger and caution signs as well as utility pole numbers and safety markers. Signage will help identify dangerous sites to both workers and civilians in affected areas and will help to protect them from injury. All materials can be custom colored and designed to fit precise specifications.

William Frick's print and art crews are working around the clock to provide the quickest turnaround times possible to ensure needed product reaches the hands of workers in the field. In addition, William Frick is providing "We Will Rebuild" stickers to let those in need know that William Frick is anxious to help in any way they can. Companies in the gas, utility, power, telecommunications, electrical, etc. industries are welcome to call 847-918-3700 and speak with a customer service representative to receive information on signage they may need. If interested in obtaining free stickers, please contact Stephanie at 847-918-3700.

Also, Omron Corp. (Kyoto, Japan) and Omron Management Center of America (Schaumburg, Ill.) have pledged a total of $300,000 to support victims and aid reconstruction in the areas recently devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Omron Corporation's contribution will be made through the Japan Red Cross, while Omron Management Center of America will make a donation to the U.S. Red Cross through Omron Foundation Inc. The donation from Omron Foundation, Inc. includes a matching gift from equaling the total value of contributions made by U.S. Omron employees.

"I am sure I speak for Omron Group employees worldwide when I say that our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by this disaster” said Hisao Sakuta, Omron Corp. president and CEO. “We pray for those people who lost their lives in this tragedy and the families they left behind, and hope that these donations will help the recovery process in some small way."

Sources: William Frick and Company. Omron Corp.

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