Glacier Computer to Offer Panasonic Toughbook Line

Glacier Computer says it will offer the Panasonic Toughbook line of rugged, semi-rugged and business rugged computers as a new member of Panasonic’s Toughbook Premier Partner Program (TP3).

"Panasonic computers will be a perfect complement to our existing rugged platforms of vehicle mount, wearable, and handheld terminals,” says Ron D'Ambrosio, CEO. “This variety of hardware will allow Glacier the freedom to develop more solutions for our core markets of warehouse, medical, field service and military."

"Toughbook mobile computer are designed to work in the most demanding environments," adds Ed McCabe, national sales manager for supply chain logistics at Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. "Rugged mobile solutions like the Toughbook U1 and Toughbook H1 enable companies to provide mobile workers with the real-time data they need to drive greater levels of productivity, regardless of the operating environment."

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