Global Logistics and Freight Forwarding Study

The aim of the research is to provide a detailed competitor tracking guide of the operational capabilities and performances of global freight forwarders and logistics providers. The report provides a valuable source of operational data on your key industry partners and can also be used as a comprehensive end-user reference tool for logistics and shipping departments.

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Despite booming volumes, particularly from Asia Pacific, global logistics service providers face a challenging time. Beset by rising fuel costs, capacity constraints, legislative restrictions, shortages of skilled staff, fiercely competitive operators and demanding customers, margins are being squeezed to the limit. Service integration continues to feature high among the strategies of the logistics and freight forwarding industry.

Logistics service providers and freight forwarders can research trends in global trade movements between emerging countries such as India, China and the Russian Federation. The report provides an analysis of export levels between 13 leading industrial nations/regions, including the G8 countries. The full list of countries included are: Canada; China; France; Germany; Hong Kong; India; Italy; Japan; Korea; Russia; Singapore; UK and the US.

The report comes with a detailed Excel database for you to analyze and manipulate the data for use in internal presentations and reports. The database ranks and benchmarks your competitors and service providers, and allows you to analyze their activities, operations and performance and run your own internal analysis of the leading players in the Global freight forwarding market.

News article compiled by Clyde Witt.

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