Creform® Corporation has introduced its newest material handling cart/dolly, designed for manufacturing, assembly and warehousing operations to meet ongoing lean improvements with adaptive resources and transport aids. They also can be used by consumers and DIY’ers. Designated as the GN-900 dolly, it complements the existing GN-400 dollies with an expanded platform area that allows them to be utilized individually to move small jobs, small containers, or be interconnected together with several other units to create a larger platform for bigger jobs.

The interlocking molded insets along all four sides of the dollies keep multiple carts securely connected together for safe transport...ergonomically, no tools are required to complete connections. The design of the GN dollies incorporate molded tabs and corresponding slots that fit together, allowing individual platform modules to be coupled, from either side and/or from either end, to form a cart with a larger base. After assembly, the units are just as easily disconnected for resumption of individualized use or for convenient, stackable storage.

Both the new GN-900 and the original GN-400 dollies are fabricated from high strength polypropylene and can be interlocked together. They serve to maintain safe, clean work areas by providing a simple and maneuverable platform for keeping containers off the floor. Molded-in handholds are included to make the dollies easy to carry and position.

The GN-900 module cart platform size is 34.5" (L) x 17" (W) x 4.5" (T). Individual units offer 445 lbs. loading capacity. The GN-900 cart modules may be equipped with either five, white hard nylon, or five, black rubber Ø75mm wheels for maneuverability, with a central caster that supports the larger platform.

Besides the GN-900 series and the GN-400 series of module dollies, the Creform® Flexible Material Handling System allows users to design, fabricate and assemble lean, adaptive and ergonomic structures to meet specific application needs. Creform also offers extensive partnering with customers to drive design and assembly procedures and to implement lean manufacturing programs.

Visit for additional information regarding Creform Corporation and its products.

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