GPS Based Asset Tracking

GPS Based Asset Tracking

InSync’s Sapphire iApp Platform 4.0 is designed for building, deploying and managing RFID, GPS and sensor-driven solutions for kitting, maintenance and inspection applications. It also helps businesses locate and track mission-critical assets in the field, improve safety and traceability in the nation’s food supply, and maintain efficiency in construction and manufacturing.

GPS plug-and-play capability lets customers add powerful tracking features such as asset bread-crumbs, trip management, historical reports, alerts and other location services associated with GPS tracking. Operators can rapidly set up and define routes, geo-fences, time-fences, standard and custom alerts. GPS vehicle tracking visibility can be improved further through the vehicle telemetry feature which tracks vehicle speed, direction and ignition on/off. When assets are detected outside of specific routes or areas, alerts or instructions are sent to process owners, such as directions to a wayward driver.

InSync Software, Inc.

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