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Green Depot Cuts Energy Costs

AMSTERDAM—TNT is opening its first carbon-dioxide-emission-free depot in Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

The depot is the first in a series of green buildings to be used by TNT as part of its worldwide environmental program, Planet Me. The global mail and express delivery company aims to cut the CO2 emissions of all of its buildings, totaling three million square meters of real estate in more than 65 countries.

The building is designed to allow in as much daylight as possible, reducing the amount of artificial light required. The building produces its own energy in a sustainable way. More than 300 solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into energy. Water is pumped from the ground to heat and cool the building.

The depot was designed in close collaboration with the VolkerWessels construction company. TNT required the building to be CO2 neutral in operation. VolkerWessels' efforts led to creative solutions, including collecting rainwater for flushing eco-toilets and selecting low-energy coffee machines and recyclable furniture. The choice of larger on-site containers for paper and non-recyclable reduces the need for emptying.

The building has energy savings of more than 70% compared with a traditional depot. TNT’s green depot has been operational since mid-October and functions as a mail distribution center for Veenendaal and its surroundings.

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