Peachtree City, GA, Harris introduces the Grizzly(TM) Two Ram Baler. The Grizzly(TM) Product Line is Harris' new addition to an already impressive two ram baler line. The Harris Grizzly(TM) is new from the ground up. It is the most energy efficient two ram baler in the market; The Grizzly(TM) T100 240-PF is a high force, twin-motor baler model that draws about 40-50% less power than other 200HP two-ram balers. The Grizzly T100 240-PF is the world's first "Green Baler". The Grizzly(TM) can take on a variety of material with shear and baling forces of 200 to 240 tons and ram face pressure of 186 or 283 PSI.

Some of its best features are the robust frame construction with one piece side walls, no welded joints, 2" thick bale chamber floor and end wall, AR 500 replaceable liners, the patented externally adjustable Smart knife(TM) system, the Combo Door(TM) (bale separation and oversize release door), high energy efficient flooded suction pump hydraulic system, and self aligning clevis mount hydraulic cylinders.

The Grizzly(TM) processes aluminum/tin cans, high grade paper, corrugated cardboard, solid waste, wooden pallets, PET, HDPE, "white goods", newsprint, aluminum sheeting/siding/extrusions, copper, radiators, wire, some non magnetic ferrous and select ferrous materials.

Please contact us at 1-800-373-9131, 770-631-7290 or [email protected]

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