GS1 Offers Assistance for RFID Rollouts

As apparel retailers, manufacturers and distributors roll-out large-scale implementations of RFID (radio frequency identification) in stores, warehouses, and factories, they are using a new program from GS1 US for assistance. The roll-outs employ GS1 Electronic Product Code (EPC) standards, enabling the companies to share data on items as they move through the supply chain, from source to store.

The GS1 US EPC Item Level Readiness Program offers the education, training, tools, and community facilitation needed to support industry-wide adoption and use of the technology and standards. As a not-for-profit standards organization, GS1 US offers guidance along with technology expertise developed for both customized and general applications.
Early-adopting companies report reductions in labor expenses, improved in-stock levels and increased sales, as they are able to take inventory and restock shelves more quickly.

“EPC-enabled RFID is a rewarding undertaking but it’s complex, and the GS1 program has helped us get further in our implementation than we would have otherwise,” said Bill Connell, senior vice president, Macy’s Logistics and Operations. “We and our suppliers are moving very quickly on this to better serve our customers.”

The program features webinars, teleconference-based sessions and community forums that cover technology and issues concerning the requirements of their trading partners. It also offers an interactive, web-based adoption roadmap and online tools that subscribers can use to determine costs and timelines for their implementations.

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