GS140 Series

GS140 Series

A new addition to the family of Tapeswitch light curtains is the GS140 series. In addition to all the features of the B-Series, some notable options have been added to the GS140 Series. They include alphanumeric diagnostic display, and Tapeswitch’s blue view alignment beam for ease of alignment. This full-feature light curtain is certified to EN64196 type 4.

“In these tough economic times, we are happy to offer a quality product at a lower cost without compromising our reputation of being the industry leader in safety and sensing equipment”, says John Berruti, Electronics Manager.

Will be available for purchase June 2009. For more information about the GS140 or to view Tapeswitch’s extensive of safety and sensing products please visit them on line at or call too-free at 1-800-234-8273.

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