Guardian Conveyor Door

Milwaukee, Wi.--Frommelt Safety Products announces the introduction of the Guardian Conveyor Door. Our new conveyor door is efficiently designed to minimize wall space for conveyor passage or separation of processing to warehouse space. The Guardian efficiently opens at speeds of 36” per second and comes complete with track guides and barrier bars for stability.

The Guardian Conveyor Door is designed with a soft bottom edge, and gravity down operation. Patented safety interlocking features are built into the guides of this conveyor door to allow conveyor integration if needed. We manufacture a wide variety of fabric curtain choices with full width vision capability.

Frommelt Safety is a recognized leader in industrial safety and machine guarding products, with a commitment to excellence in the key areas of technological innovation. For more information on the new CAP-TURE ROBOTIC CELL, call Frommelt Safety Products at 800-553-5560 or visit our web site at

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